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Gifts for Teachers

Gifts for Teachers

, by Content Czar, 2 min reading time

With winter break coming up, it's time to start thinking about what to get the teachers in your life as a thank you for everything they do. They deserve the world (and better pay), but the things on this list are a close second. Break away from traditional gifts and get them something truly unique this year!

1. 100 Books to Read Scratch-Off Poster

100 books to read scratch off bucket list

This is a unique way to do a bucket list! If they are into other things (books is just a good example), we have scratch-offs for anime, movies, albums, and more. Personalize it for their interests and give them a great way to spend winter break AND classroom decor for after. Buy this poster here. See our entire bucket list section here.

2. Soap For Teachers

Soap for teachers funny gag gift

Smells like grading papers, even on your honeymoon. Make them laugh and buy this soap here.

3. Best Teacher Ever Ornament

Best Teacher Ever apple ornament

Give them a reminder of how much they are valued every time they look at their Christmas tree! Buy this ornament here.

4. A cute varsity letters bag!

Teachers carry around so much stuff all the time. Give them a cute place to put makeup, pencils, or little trinkets here.

5. Mini Teacher Kit

...and if they need to pare down the stuff in their bags, this kit has 14 essentials for teachers. Buy this kit here.

6. "Wild Things" Shirt

Perfect for the teacher of little ones. Or high schoolers. We don't judge. Buy this shirt here.

7. Classroom Chaos Socks

Absolutely obsessed with these socks. Buy them here.

8. Awesome Teacher Socks

Socks are the perfect thing to pair with a gift card, or toss in a basket with gifts from the rest of the class! Buy these socks here.

9. Superpower Teacher Gift Set

If you're looking to just get multiple items at once, this gift set is perfect. It includes a sign and a pair of socks! Buy the set here.


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