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Gifts for the Green Thumb

Gifts for the Green Thumb

, by Content Czar, 1 min reading time

1. Gnome Plant Hugger

gnome plant hugger

This little guy dangles off the side of your plant's pot and always keeps it company. Bring him home here.

2. Plant-themed candles

Candles are always a hit. These candles are fresh and floral scented - plus they're perfect even if you can't keep a plant alive. Buy "Can't Kill a Candle" and "Plant Person" here.

3. DIY Macrame Kit

Your friend with all the plants is running out of space for the plants, I promise. Help them pick up a new hobby and have another place to put plants with this DIY kit! Buy the kit here.

4. Glass Plant Mister

glass plant mister

Some plants just need a little mist. This mister is also a gorgeous display item so you'll never forget to water your plants. Buy this mister here.

5. Green Thumb Bundle

If you get this whole bundle, it's 40% off the items! It's the perfect gift set for an outdoorsy friend. Buy this bundle here.

6. Mushroom Rolling Pin

Are you looking for the perfect plant-cooking gift crossover? It's this. Buy this rolling pin here.

7. Plant Animal

I'm absolutely obsessed with these. My plants are my babies, and I absolutely personify them and think they get lonely. This little guy keeps them company. Buy a plant animal here.

8. Little awards for your plant!

Perfect for the friend that wants to recognize their outstanding plants! Buy these here and here.

9. Plant Daddy Coffee Mug

Is he always getting new plants and researching new fertilizer methods? Buy him this mug here.

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