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Rescued Furnishings

Buffet: Don't Break A Leg!

One of the reasons we started our business was because a very sweet friend of mine is always so encouraging. Sean and Susie are seriously the best! They have a buffet that used to be her Mom's (this is me hoping her mom LOVES it and isn't too sad that we changed it).  This buffet had suffered a broken obviously Brandt had to come along to save the day. Plus, he and Sean had man things to do like use chain saws and help the ladies with a few tough screws.  This buffet had a shocking amount of hardware and admittedly took longer than I expected. In the end, I think it was worth it. OH! And don't worry, chainsaws were not used in the makeover of this buffet!
Susie & Sean's Buffet: Before[/caption] Once we got it deconstructed, we set away on sanding and priming. Susie wanted a faux granite look on the top and a creamy white on the bottom.  Brandt and Sean were a little afraid, I think, when the sponge got busted out....I should have gotten a picture of Brandt's face! He had little faith in the beginning of the sponge painting.
The day came to an end so we had to leave them with some paint and sealer to finish up on their own.  Brandt left the cast on the leg too. I hated leaving it in this state....BUT...This is how their first time fixing up a piece of furniture turned out! Pretty good I think! Susie painted the hardware brown and they put it all back together once the buffet's cast came off. I can't wait to see it in person! You guys did a great job!
Susie & Sean's Buffet: After


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