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One Of A Kind Bar

We came across an old 1930's children's wardrobe. It needed HELP! The bottom board wasn't salvageable. The doors were really difficult to open and shut AND the most awful had veneer "accents". THEY. WERE. AWFUL. Seriously, I had no feelings for veneer before this, one way or another. I do now.


These kinds of pieces...we just love. There is something special about them in spite of their flaws. Their cute little bars in their closets that would only fit about 5 hangers, all of their compartments, and the fact that it has survived all this time.

It didn't take my husband long to figure out this needed to become a bar. We stripped the veneer, removed all the hardware, took the whole wardrobe apart, and got to work. Some things were never going to return and we had some new additions. We love how it turned out!

It actually hurts us a little (a lot) to sell it. But you can snatch it up from our etsy shop.

UPDATE: This bar is sold. If you are interested in something similar, please contact us and check out our other available items!


Check out the amazing Before & After!


Mar 23, 2014

Nice re-purpose . This will be flying around the net. No doubt.

Richard Decater
Mar 23, 2014

I am SO in love with this! Too bad it already sold :( any plans for another one any time soon??

Mar 23, 2014

Thank you Richard!

Mar 23, 2014

This turned out great. Love the color and the white accents really make it pop. This is a nice re-purpose of somthing old. I know there was a lot of thought and work that went into it.

Richard Fisher
Mar 23, 2014

I was the lucky lucky lucky person to end up with this great bar and I couldn’t be happier!!! I have been looking for about a year for something to fit the space in my one bedroom apartment and I coudn’t find anything that met my needs. Then I found this piece and couldn’t click buy fast enough. It is perfect for my space, small enough but HUGE amounts of storage inside. I can’t wait to buy enough supplies to fill it :) LOVE!!

Mar 23, 2014

[…] you remember the bar? Well, my husband does. And he was heart broken when we sold it. My punishment is to be heart […]

Dear Desk, I Love You | Rescued Furnishings
Mar 23, 2014

Actually yes. We turn armoires into bars most of the time. We currently have several unfinished ones that are available for customization. Shoot us an email at


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