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Rescued Furnishings


So, for those of you that know me...You know I am insane and this won't surprise any of you. For those that don't...this is what you are dealing with:

I. LOVE. NURSERIES. I have no children, I likely won't have children. I have 3 dogs. Spoiled rotten dogs. We love them. They are our world. I've thought about creating a nursery and saying its for them so its slightly less weird that I have a nursery in my house. Alas, I have no nursery. My mother-in-law got us a great old magazine cover with a baby that was bottle feeding a puppy pit bull and my first thought was, "OH MY GOSH, This would look so cute in a NURSERY." I love other peoples babies and I love nurseries. I just want a nursery and no work involved with a baby. Confused? I'll give you a second to catch up. Ok...just scratch everything and let's pretend we are all the same page.

When I saw this French Provincial Reproduction set I decided this had to go in a nursery. If you buy this and put it elsewhere (which is totally fine), I will tell people you put it in a nursery.

If you love these pieces or this style which would be amazing in so many color combinations, LET ME KNOW. We constantly come across them and can customize them for you.  Price varies based on condition and whether its reproduction or not, etc. These two pieces will be available on ETSY tonight for $165 a piece. If you want to reserve them before they go up for sale send us a message.


IMG_2619 IMG_2620

lingerie chest frenchdresser

Aren't they adorable??


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