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1800's Oak Dresser Gets A 2013 Update

We got this dresser from a couple who got it from an antique shop, several decades ago, on the east coast. It's in great shape. One of our only pieces that required no rebuilding...not even on a drawer! Seriously--if only you knew you would be much more excited with me!!

We got this guy down to its bones and wanted to keep some of the wood (I've decided she is a girl though...just for the record). She was just in too good of shape to completely paint but the color needed some help...


The drawers, top and mirror frame were stained with Red Mahogany which turned out lovely. The frame was painted with Calico Blue by Sherwin Williams. The hardware was kept in it's original state...patina and all. It all turned out so well!


The mirror comes off...but warning...IT IS HEAVY. They don't make mirrors like they use to. It is heavier then some pieces of furniture.

But this piece turned out so pretty.  It looks great with and without the could be an entertainment stand, changing table, dresser...lots of options. The bottom 2 drawers have slots in them to keep you organized too...but we can remove them if you don't want them.

Check it out in our etsy shop!

Mar 23, 2014

My parents have a dresser similar to this one and you have given me such wonderful inspiration. Thank you!

Liberty Thompson

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