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Rescued Furnishings

French Bench!

Do you ever buy a bedroom set on craigslist and toss the headboard and footboard? I know people that do this...hopefully after you read this, You WON'T!

We bought a Bassett French Provincial set. It is such high quality! It came with a chest and dresser and a headboard/footboard combo. We haven't gotten to the dresser and chest yet..mainly because the dresser is missing one handle and it is the most impossible handle to find! The chest has the original glass with it too!

Anyway....I see these headboard footboard things pinned on pintrest all the time. My handy husband decided to give it ago (probably because he got to buy a new tool).

Once upon a time I found a 'mis tint' at Lowe's. It was a perfect antique yellow. I knew one day, it would find the perfect piece of furniture. Then came along the bench!

Brandt doweled a 1"x6" into each side of the bench.


He added 2 additional 1"x6"s for support. We stained the 1"x6"s on top and Brandt made his own wood plugs for the top. Of course...we had to sand everything back down and re-sand. Oops! We lightly distressed the bench and sealed it.


It turned out so well! It was a huge hit at St. Louis Vintage Market Days and has already sold!


Furniture Flippin' also wrote a piece on our bench too! Check it out!!

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Mar 23, 2014

That looks great!

Two Thumbs
Mar 23, 2014

Thank you!


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