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St. Louis Vintage Market Days - September 2013

We had an amazing experience this past weekend! We participated in our first Vintage Market Days and learned SO much.  Some of you that have been following us the last 2 months have noticed we have changed products and improved our methods. This weekend was full of good suggestions & wonderful compliments. Things will be changing for us in the next month! Sometimes I feel like we have been doing this forever but I was humbly reminded how far we can climb this weekend. We will be testing various products, writing about it, but more importantly GREATLY improving how we do things. Our products will be better than ever, which I am very excited about. All this new energy (more than what was spent this weekend, lol) has surged into me to really take things to the next level, thanks to this weekend.

This was our very first fair. We were, to say the least, barely prepared. We made it though! We sold SO MANY items and meant so many wonderful people. Vendors, friends, family, facebook followers were all so supportive.

Here are some pictures of our booth!

IMG_3236 IMG_3237 IMG_3238

And our view! Isn't this barn awesome? The upper left corner of the next picture was a great neighbor! Redposie! They were so welcoming to us!


This place got swamped with people! It was so awesome!


I met the owner of JMG Designs! And even picked up a few items :) He is so talented and he basically sold out!

We had some other great booth neighbors. Villa Design makes amazing jewelry and she is was so sweet and adorable.

I got this AWESOME bracelet from Redheaded Vintage Girl. She also happens to be our fearless leader for St. Louis Vintage Market Days.


Chanda and Todd worked so hard and deserve all the praise in the world. Her energy was contagious and really helped all the vendors work together. The guys had to step up to the plate and help in the parking lot because this event was successful beyond anyone's expectations.  I know my man and Shades of Blue's man were abducted to the parking lot Sunday but we all came together and made it happen. I helped get one of their adorable dressers loaded on Sunday and other vendors helped me :)

I got to meet Melissa from Meldt Vintage. I saw someone carrying out her milk glass chandelier that I had every intention of buying. Super sad :(

I got to meet the writer for How to Nest for Less. It is almost sad how excited I was about that. I love her blog! I didn't get to meet (but did see her) Helen from Picked & Painted. She even wrote a blog on the event and captured my booth in one of her shots (by complete happenstance).

I couldn't have had a more fun and action packed weekend. I want to thank all our friends and family that visited. The friends and family that helped run our booth are loved to the moon and back! Our neighbor even delivered the Ethan Allen loveseat for us. We really couldn't be luckier.

Stay tuned. We have a lot of improvements coming leading up to the next Vintage Market Days. Our quality and techniques are going under major revamping in the next month and we will blog through it all :) We are slowly going to add things back to our etsy shop as we dust them off and get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks. We also have some great custom orders to crank out that our friends have patiently let us put on hold while we prepared for this event.

Thank you again to everyone. Follow us on facebook and we will be in touch :)

Mar 23, 2014

I love flea vintage markets,there’s quite a few in London as well

Heidie Makes
Mar 23, 2014

Hi Anne- Nice to blog meet you :) We need to make sure we meet next time!

Mar 23, 2014

Hi Nicole, The VMD was so much fun and can`t wait to meet you next time!
Anne Dees

Anne Dees
Mar 23, 2014

To sit more and invest in very good shoes for the next weekend long event:) Our business is so new that we really could have used more time to prepare so we are already excited for the next one.
We learned a lot about booth set up and got lots of good ideas from other vendors that helped us with suggestions. We had a few people take us under their wing which was so nice. To have as much variety as you can is obviously important in pricing and item types…we were kind of limited on both of those since some of our things sold right before the show. So we just need to pace ourselves going into the next one :)

Mar 23, 2014

What do you think you learned the most from this weekend?

Mar 23, 2014

Thank you! Let me know if you find another!!
We need to et together!!

Mar 23, 2014

Great post! It was nice to meet you amidst the flurry of setting up. If it hadn’t been for your post about VMD coming to town, I’d never known to get involved. VMD was amazing! Thanks for the nod to my little shop too. I would have saved that light for you! Maybe I’ll find another…

Melissa T.

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