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Rescued Furnishings

Don't get rid of that old furniture...experiment!

 We talk a lot on our facebook page about our great friends and family being so supportive...and nothing says supportive like giving you business. For some reason, even though we treat every piece the same, there is this weird pressure when it is a piece for someone you know. You want them to love it and you want them to be so happy that they took a chance on you and your little side/hobby business. I can't tell you how much it validates what you are doing when friends trust you to work on their pieces....especially their grandparent's pieces.

How many of you have had old furniture passed down to them and eventually got rid of it for pennies on the dollar (to someone like me) or threw it away? My guess is, a lot of you!

I am here to save the day! Don't throw it away. Well, I guess you can if you really want to...but I will come haul it away for you :) Also... by "I"...I mean mostly my husband...because let's face it, he does all the real work :)

Anywho, our friends had this great dresser and nightstand set that was Thomasville. It was in great shape and it was their grandparents so of course you don't want to just put it on the curb. They got in touch with us and we talked...they decided they wanted black with all new hardware. It makes me giggle where we ended up at. I attempt to convince everyone to let us paint the hardware. It makes a huge difference. It just does. Most people don't believe in the beginning but I haven't had anyone regret it...yet.

We didn't end up going black. After some more chatting we ended up sanding down to the surface of the tops (this was a chore for my hubby..even with a power sander!) We stained the tops and painted everything in a hotel vanilla cream color. We lightly distressed the pieces, sealed, and added on the newly painted hardware. Check out this before and after!


I love how this turned out!


So, with a total of 13 drawers we decided it was time to look for new ways of painting. The sprayer is the obvious way to go but I don't like the overspray and up until this point people have been buying pieces from us with some drawers having what seems to be the unavoidable overspray. I know you don't see it but it still bugs me and it isn't the product we want to put out. We want to be known for high quality. And seriously, my husband is awesome. He takes pieces completely apart sometimes and rebuilds them. Everything he touches is over engineered and solid...the paint should match that!

I read online to tape each drawer and leave it in the dresser while you so...


And to that I have to say "uh huh". So yes, it helps. It is quite a bit of work for just helping though. So I decided to take it up a notch...


Yes. This does do the trick. But I quickly realized I could have probably hand painted 2 coats in the time it took me to tape plastic around all the drawers. So, while we might do this for certain pieces I think we are going to have to say good bye to the paint gun on the drawers and hello to hand rolling and brushing them.

If you haven't seen it...we announced the winners to the giveaway on our facebook page.

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Mar 23, 2014

Thank you :) Now come visit me in stl but leave your weather there!

Mar 23, 2014

Looks fab Nic!!! You did a great job!!

Stephanie Durdan

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