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Rescued Furnishings

Come On In!

Some of you have asked for pictures so we are giving you a little tour of our home :)

We moved from a 5 year old home in Wentzville to a 75 year old home in Webster Groves. My husband built a deck, fence, and finished a basement in that house but an old house (I am sure you know) is not short on projects either.

First up, is our living room! I didn't take too many before pictures. Basically, it was all a peachy color. When you walk in, to your right is a fireplace, to the left is the bay window dining are and kitchen. Straight ahead is the living room and a back bedroom is through the glass door.


We spent 6 weeks working on the house every day before we moved in and live on an air mattress. Our house giving birth to a 1000 pound table that my husband had to reinforce our floor for...yes, we are both engineers and calculated the factor of safety and determined it needed support. LOL. We painted this space a dark tan color...which took 3 coats of paint + primer because it is all plaster and just soaked in...coat after coat. Crazy!

DSCF4738 DSCF4736DSCF4740

The table and barn wood slab on the wall are both from Reclaim Renew. The wall décor is new so no pictures yet on it but we are rusting clips tonight! The table is rusted concrete with iron around it and the base is from a barn from 1896! Super awesome!!The coffee table is a reclaimed cargo ship door

. DSCF4739

The frames on the back wall are on a piece of old barn wood attached to an old iron fence that my husband made. The baby/pit bull picture is an advertisement from 1910 that we framed ourselves, of course.


Our entertainment stand was our first furniture project that we years is going to be replaced with something we both fall in love with and agree on in the future. The yellow side table is one of my favorite pieces in our house and I feel like it deserves it's own picture.


Our fireplace is currently decorated for Christmas...year round it has a silvered mirror from the 1800's on it that is flaky and gorgeous. My husband also made iron candle holders from an old iron fence. Both are there if you can spot them.

downstairs after

Next, is the most important room....the kitchen! The kitchen had previously been updated and had solid cabinets. We couldn't get rid of them so we decided to paint them took 5 coats on every surface and was the most time consuming part of the entire 6 week renovation. The cabinets above the spot for the fridge got moved up a few inches to fit the new fridge. The cabinets and counter to the right of it came out and a new floor to ceiling pantry was put in. The walls got painted a dark brown. The room you can see in the first picture behind the fridge is where the bottom left picture was taken from. Inside that room is the set of stairs that were carpeted that we painted. We changed the hardware, added granite, added a back splash ourselves in a weekend...which was crazy! In the back of the room we added more cabinets and counter space...which my husband installed. Isn't he handy? Let me tell you...the walls have rock, brick, and plaster in them and are completely uneven so this task is more difficult than you will ever know!



The master bedroom was purple. After painting the entire house, laying a floor in the back bedroom, painting the stairs, adding a backsplash and cabinets...we had no plan for the master bedroom. It got painted an awful ice blue color. Oh...did I mention we had to bring our furniture in through the roof? See second picture. Nevertheless...with the help of pinterest, I came up with ideas. We needed a pallet wall and our headboard had to be updated. A quick upholstery job did the trick. I wanted gorgeous curtains and fell in love with fabric but the fabric was so expensive I had to make them I was forced to learn how to use my sewing machine.



DSCF4751 DSCF4749


And we needed a stain glass window that we both loved. The room got painted a dark grey and we quickly painted a dresser white. Brandt's dresser came from his parents and we stained it and replaced the handles. My hubby made me a vanity area in weird nook we have...isn't he sweet? And of course we have a window with pictures in it...



Those are the main pieces that put our house together...and after a year it is slowly but surely coming together with some major projects planned for the future.

Remember to stay tuned for some news that we have coming and follow us on facebook!

Does anyone want a tutorial on the pallet wall? Comment below if you do :)

Mar 23, 2014

I LOVE your pallet wall!!! Tutorial please!!!

Tina Coleman
Mar 23, 2014

I would love a tutorial on the pallet wall! Thank you so much!

Susan Bowerman
Mar 23, 2014

[…] sick of it. We have so many projects going on that we cant afford to replace it and if you read Our House Tour blog post you will see that furniture upstairs has to come through a window on the roof. So I […]

Pallet Wall Tutorial | Rescued Furnishings
Mar 23, 2014

yes to the pallet wall tutorial!! i love them! gorgeous home, and all that work was worth it!

LetsJustBuildaHouse (@LetsBuildaHouse)
Mar 23, 2014

Your house looks great! That dining table is AMAZING.

Melissa T.

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