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Pallet Wall Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to build a pallet wall?

First off, back in the day we didn't know we were starting a business or a blog so pardon the lack of detailed pictures.

When we first moved in we painted the whole house. The master bedroom was an after thought and the goal was to just get rid of the purple. We did an accent wall in some kind of awful blue.


Note: The extent of decorations in our room can also be seen in this picture. AKA: NONE. BORING! I finally had some inspiration! We needed pallets. By we, of course I mean that my husband needed pallets because lets face it, he did all the work! So hear we go on a "how-to" for this project.

This is just one of our stacks of pallets that we started with.


We went to the hardware store and got sheets of plywood to screw to the wall. This way, it didn't matter where the studs were for the actual pallet boards and if we ever want to take it down we only have to fill 1 million holes instead of 20 million holes.

The trim came off the baseboards and hubby went to work.


It was about this time we also decided we hate our bed or we were really just sick of it. We have so many projects going on that we cant afford to replace it and if you read Our House Tour blog post you will see that furniture upstairs has to come through a window on the roof. So I recovered the headboard as a temporary solution. The fabric part was attached by all screws so I just unscrewed it and grabbed the staple gun and went to town.

This is where my picture taking apparently stopped. So I'll fill you in on what happened next. The pallets were a nightmare to take a part. Brandt used his sawzall to break apart the pallets. Once the pallets were broken apart, each board was sorted by size since they weren't all the same width. Each board was then cleaned. Each row was it's own dimension and although they look pretty much the same...they were not. Even within a row there were some gaps, which we left for character but sometimes things got crazy and he had to run down to the basement to cut the board.

When he got up to above the headboard we decided where we wanted our stained glass to go and installed it and continued the pallet wall around it.

Once he was completely finished, he lightly sanded the whole wall, vaccumed the wall and wiped it down and sealed it. You could probably use any old sealer but we used Modern Masters Master Clear Supreme because its super thick. Trim went back on and so did the outlet covers. To get through the pallet wood and plywood we had to get extenders for the outlets.

It looks amazing! It was a lot of work but well worth it and was less than $100 including the plywood, pallets, and screws. Did I mention it was a lot of work?

DSCF4750 DSCF4754

Check out Our House Tour blog post if you want to see more pictures of our master bedroom make over.

Hope this helps you for your pallet wall. Let us know if you have any questions! You can follow us on facebook too!


Mar 23, 2014

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