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Rescued Furnishings

Dumpster Dresser


This poor sad dresser was on it's way to the dump. When I say dump, I mean a giant facility where things go to die. 
Follow this if you can: My husband's nurse at his day job owns a transfer station (Meramec Valley Transfer Facility). Complicated. BUT- one of her missions is recycling and she pays someone to pull things out before they reach the dump that might be worth saving and every now and then we are lucky enough to get a call. We purchased this dresser from her and it was badly damaged but I was so in love. 

The drawers, top, and sides all required repairs. Some of the gorgeous details were missing or damaged as well. I could repair everything I could and purposefully didn't repair some things because sometimes it is nice when a piece has some character. 

Here are a few pics of the repairs in progress. 



I don't know if you can see the potential I saw but I was excited! This got painted in 'Brick Red' by General Finishes, and I glazed the details with 'Smoke' by Modern Masters and sealed the whole thing with Master Clear Supreme. 

The hardware is the original hardware that I just cleaned up so that the patina was left in tact. I love how this piece turned out!

This is available in our online shop!

What is your favorite part of this piece??



Jun 17, 2014

fantastic job !!

Marcia DeSpain
Jun 17, 2014

This is stunning! I love how you glazed it. My favorite part has to be those legs! Okay, and all the beautiful ornate carved wood details. What a fantastic story too.

Melissa T.

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