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Front Door Makeover

We moved into this adorable house 2 years ago. 
There is nothing wrong with it. The front door just didn't pop. I use to hate HATE HATE painting cabinets and doors but ever since we started using General Finishes acrylic based milk paint, I have a completely different opinion. Plus the paint is indoor/outdoor paint!
So....this happened. 
Of course, Brandt and I did not agree on the colors. I tried a few more and just wasn't thrilled with any of them. I wanted it to "pop" from the street and there are too many red and yellow doors on the street. 
I decided to go with Patina Green from General Finishes and to glaze on top of it. 
I gathered my supplies for the paint. 
The floetrol was used to reduce paint strokes. However, with General Finishes there are almost NO brush strokes but I am so anal about doors having brush strokes. Turns out I only used a few drops and didn't use it at all on the second coat. 
So I taped all the glass and the handles off and got to work. I didn't sand the existing paint....i just wiped the door down. 
I used a brush around the handles and in all the insets but used a 4" foam roller on most of the door so there would be no streaks. The paint takes about 30 minutes to dry. I did a second coat and it was DONE!
That's it!
The transformation is amazing!!!!
Now it just needs to be sealed with Modern Masters Supreme!
It pops now! I haven't even glazed it yet and I love it!!!! Should I or shouldn't I??? What do you think??
Jun 27, 2016

No glaze.


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