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Rescued Furnishings

Gold Leafing Furniture

This dresser came out of a recycling center. There is a local company that pays someone to sort through things and pull out anything "good". This was a solid dresser but it had tons of gouges, chunks of wood missing, water rings and more. The lovely gold trim was not was beat up. This thing was ugly. Honestly, I had zero vision for it. 
My sister-in-law has a gorgeous apartment in Minneapolis that she seems to be furnishing with lots of goodies from us. She bought our first bar and a pair of nightstands that I was in love with.
She is kind of reworking her bedroom and came across this picture on pinterest. Her apartment is a lot of whites, golds, and turquoises. It is amazing. See that center dresser? That is the picture I got in a text message one day along with a picture of our black dresser saying....can you make this white and gold dresser out of this?? If that doesn't make perfect sense I don't know what does. And since it was black it would only take 4000 coats of white. I kid, I kid. 
We decided to gold leaf the edges instead of using metallic paint to give it a more textured and expensive look. She thought she was paying for this and would come get it next summer....instead we gave it to her for Christmas!
First thing first. We removed all the hardware and sanded the top down to bare wood. We did this for a couple reasons....the top had extensive damage and because it would take the white paint better. We sanded the rest of the piece and cleaned it all with a TSP solution and then just plain water.
Next up, the entire piece got painted in antique white from General Finshes. This took several coats but that's okay because I Love her :)
Next up, the gold leafing! 
We applied actual sheets of gold leaf to this and gently scraped off the extra. 
This is a messy job! Where ever white was showing through we kept reapplying. 
This was all sealed with the Modern Masters sealer made for metallics so the gold wouldn't tarnish. 
Hardware was put back on and look at how it turned out!?!?!??!?! EEEKKKKKKKKK! I may be biased but I think the inspiration picture was nailed. 
White and gold are not for everyone but for this dresser and for my sister-in-law I think it turned out perfect!
Sorry....the pictures were of it hiding in my basement so she couldn't see it. Will update with fancy pics when it is in her home.
Dec 26, 2014

I am the “sister in law” :) and can validate that they nailed it and managed to pull off a big surprise in the process!! I can’t wait to get it back to Minneapolis and show it in my bedroom…excited doesn’t even cover it!!! LOVE!


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