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Top Blog Posts of 2014!

Round of our top viewed blog posts of 2014!

These are the top 7 blog posts we had this year. What blew me away is a lot of these are recent and they still got the most views. What was your favorite? Enjoy!

#7)  A Bar with Power. This piece is STILL available and on SALE and happens to be one of my favorite pieces ever. Do you remember it???


#6) Business Doesn't Have To Be Ugly.  - Our view on business in 2014. 

#5) Painting with White - Rules to live by when painting with whites

#4) Behemoth Buffet - a gigantic buffet turned into an even more gigantic media center

#3) How to Repair Veneer Damage - hint- BONDO!

#2) My Mid Life Crisis - quitting my job and my life story :)

#1) Chalk Paint Incident of 2014 - enough said. 



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