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How We Painted Our Kitchen Cabinets & Other Renovation Nightmares (Part 1)

We painted our kitchen cabinets nearly three years ago and I swear to you the words "I will never paint a kitchen again" came out of mouth. I'll walk you through it, tell you what I learned and WHY we now paint them for a living!
Almost three years ago we moved closer to the city, in St. Louis, MO. We moved to an adorable rock house that had been updated over the years but needed some final touches. One of the biggest components needing work was the kitchen! 
Here is what we started with in the kitchen! It is hard to tell but the counters were kinda pink and the walls were aqua blue. The family room was actually a basily green color when we moved in. 
The wall to the left of the stairs (where the couch is in the below picture) is an exterior wall...we decided to add counter space and cabinets there and put a table in this space to make it all feel like one room. 
We also decided to take out the cabinets next to the fridge and instead put a floor to ceiling pantry in!
The existing cabinets were the exact shade of the floor which drove me nuts. So we bought cabinets that matched the current style in white and painted the rest of the kitchen to match.
SIDE BAR: I regret buying foil wrapped cabinets - they don't hold up and ours were extremely expensive and good ones! I wish we would have bought very nice solid wood and painted those instead. Yes, there is a difference between factory white cabinets and cabinets that are wood and painted white in front of you. Foil wrapping will eventually get moisture underneath it. We should have gotten solid maple and painted them ourselves. Good solid wood cabinets are going to be in the tens of thousands of dollars for a whole kitchen which is why painting what you have can be a huge money saver! Luckily, the cabinets we bought to add on with are nowhere near a dishwasher, oven, stove, sink or water dispenser!
Sidebar over :)
Our kitchen projects included:
1) Adding new cabinets
2) Adding a backsplash
3) Painting Walls
4) Painting Stairs
5) New Appliances
6) Replacing Counters
7) Painting Kitchen
This list turns into our list of nightmares or non nightmares :)
Nightmare #1) To save money we installed the cabinets ourselves which proved to be a challenge having rock exterior walls! Well, a challenge for Brandt. I stayed away. The vibes were not good. This saved is BIG bucks though.
Nightmare #2) We also tackled the back splash ourselves. This took three days and our marriage survived. It was very very frustrating to say the least. It doesn't help we are both perfectionists.
Not a Nightmare #1) Because there was going to be so much white we opted for a dark chocolate on the walls...not for everyone but I love it!  And our friends helped paint!
Nightmare #3) Brandt also almost died ripping out the gross carpet on the stairs and cleaning it up and we found out one of the stairs had been previously chewed. He got it all fixed and we painted!
Not a Nightmare # 2) New appliances. I got a killer deal and got 40,000 southwest airline points out of it. Happy girl. 
Not a Nightmare #3) Countertops were hands off. They are new and lovely. Easy Peasy. 
Definitely a nightmare #4) CABINETS
Since these posts are about painting I will just show a few quick pics! 


Total Craziness!
Stay tuned for the scoop on the painting!
Have you ever had any renovation nightmares?

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