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Rescued Furnishings

Handmade & To Die For

We see a lot of furniture. Like, a lot. 
This piece was special and I could feel it. I loved all the trim around it. The top wasn't attached, and yes the trim was missing and falling off but I needed this piece. 
Unfortanately, every single drawer had at least some trim missing and every drawer had DIFFERENT trim. Sigh. 
Brandt reattached the top and reglued all the drawers. While making all the repairs to the dresser, he realized this piece was completely hand built by someone. Even the dove tails are hand scraped out. It truly is a work of art.
Brandt added rope trim to the dresser on every drawer because we couldn't settle for just removing it. 
I custom made a color for this piece because I have a project coming up and wanted to try some things out and I had a vision :)
I painted all the rope trim in Patina green before I put my custom cocktail of paint overtop. 
Once it was painted...I added a touch of warm silver and blackened bronze from Modern Masters to the clear coat to get it just a very slight shimmer. It's very husband doesn't even see it but I do and I love it. 
I also added the metallics on top  of the overall paint on the rope trim so that when I distreesed, you get a little bit of everything. 
New hardware was a must on this piece. This color is amazing by the way right??
Ready for the reveal??
Do you like the color??? We are so happy with how it came out! One of a kind, hand made and custom finish. You can't get better than this!
Feb 22, 2015

Love the color and would love to know the formula!

Feb 14, 2015

Magnificent!! Love the color & top! Ya’ll really did rescue this piece:)

Feb 13, 2015

I love this little chest and love your work. You are both incredibly talented.

Cheryl Leone
Feb 12, 2015

Is this upcoming project my turquoise cabinet colors? Totally kidding, but I do love this color! :)


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