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How Did She Do It?

I know, I know. This table has taken the internet by storm. How did she do it? 
Lol. I may be exaggerating. But, I have gotten more questions about HOW I did this table than any other piece, ever!
I will be honest....I don't know if I could ever 100% duplicate this. But I will share my process!
First, I painted the base in Antique White from General Finishes. Next up, the top!
I tried General Finishes water based walnut stain. It was my first time using it and I didn't love how I applied it. I sanded back down to almost bare wood but not so much that all the stain was removed. I then painted the top with antique white. 
Next up, I let out a big sigh and huffed and puffed. I feel these are important steps. I instantly realized it was going to take a lot of work to paint this white after staining it and the solid white was not what I wanted. I could kinda see some of the stain and I saw some potential so I started sanding and sanding and sanding. I sanded a lot and with different pressures and more in certain spots. I kind of liked it but thought....well, this is all water based right? So I grabbed the stain and stained on top of my stain/paint table top and wiped A LOT of it off. VOILA. 
I buffed the table and sealed with two coats of Modern Masters Supreme Clear. And I love it. 
If you try to duplicate....send us pictures!!!


May 24, 2015

très beau rendu , bravo !


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