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Rescued Furnishings

When Disaster Strikes

I was at one of my lovely client's homes a few weeks ago working away. I was removing all of the cabinets, removing the hardware and making stacks to carry out to my car later. I turned my back and somehow a few of the doors come FLYING off the counter. I 100% focused on saving the doors. Stuck my leg out, did a ninja move and got the doors safely all the way to the ground. So when I went to pick them up, these lovely gouges were underneath them. I didn't know if cabinet doors could really gouge a floor like this and considering the cabinets were okay, I had no idea if I did it or not. 
Instantly, I saw a call to my insurance company in my future and their home having to be gutted and everything replaced. Yes, I jumped that far past reality. I called my husband and made a few other panicked phone calls. When my client came down stairs I asked her if I had made those gouges....Yep, it was me! MORTIFIED! I made a bunch more phone calls and was really surprised at how rude and unhelpful SO MANY companies were. I remembered though, that I had friends that I met through St. Louis Vintage Market Days that own a wood floor company. HELLO. I called and anxiously waiting while still making calls to a plethora of other people that basically told me it should be filled with wax. Um, what? I wanted it fixed right! 
Melissa and Drew from Looking Glass Floors came through in a BIG way. They came out to the job site twice. They sanded the floors down, filled them with some very fancy wood putty I have never seen before, stain matched, water popped, and sealed those suckers in. Honestly, the fix was really good. If you didnt know I had royally screwed up or where to look you wouldn't be able to point it out. But, the best part was they were willing to do whatever it took and totally calmed me down. My client, was so gracious and even gave me ANOTHER job to do in addition to her kitchen. Seriously. 
The reason I am telling you this story is because I think sometimes people jump into business without thinking about any special risks. And there are risks! One of my many overhead costs is insurance. Thankfully, I didn't have to use it but NOBODY is perfect and you should always have the ability to make things right for your customers and one of the ways to do that is to be insured and bonded. 

Insurance for what I do is actually difficult to come by and to be properly insured I have to have several different riders and modifications so that I am insured in my place of business, our items are insured, insurance for in a client's home, and while I have client's property in my posession in my vehicle or warehouse. It takes several conversations and probing questions to make sure I have everything we need becasue everything we do can be confusing. 
Things can go wrong and Disaster can strike. Always do what is right, fess up, and make it better and you may even get more business out of the deal! 
What did I learn? That I love Looking Glass Floors and to never stack cabinets on a counter again. 

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