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Galapagos Blue

I invented a color! How fun! Our friends wanted to replicate a look on a couple buffets they saw so we got busy!
We mixed Corinth Blue and Sunglow yellow to get this rich turquoise color that we called Galapagos Blue! I have always loved the word 'Galapagos'. Anyway......
Anyone and everyone that saw this piece in work fell in love. 
This buffet has been flying around the web and everyone wants to know what we did! 
So first things, first. 
We stained the top with a water based walnut from General Finishes. I love that water based stains can be so versatile. We also used the same stain to get this look. 
After painting, we sealed with Modern Masters Supreme. Then we added Modern Masters Warm Silver and Modern Masters Blackened Bronze to the center applique. We also distressed it. 
We used General Finishes new Bronze Pearl Affects all over the piece and on the legs we mixed in some of the Warm Silver again. 
The legs might be my favorite part with the way the light hits them. 
This piece and color has been such a big hit that we entered it into a contest! We would be so grateful if you would vote for us!! 
Mar 17, 2015

Valeri- It is sold BUT we can always make a similar one for you!

Nicole @ Rescued Furnishings
Mar 17, 2015

Is this beautiful piece for sale?


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