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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Once upon a time, I innocently bought a video from The Magic Brush. I love silver leafing and she had a video about how to create a silver leaf damask finish on the walls. WALLS? I can make my walls silver????
Needless to say, a monster was created. Now, I don't follow the video to the tee and don't be afraid to put your own spin it as well. Every faux finisher has their own style, be proud! There are steps that I have elminated and steps that I have added AND be brave and don't fear changing the stencil, paint color or the type of leafing!
Anyway - Since then, I have bought several kinds of stencils  and gold and silver leafed several walls. We decided to copper leaf this wall in particular and haven't decided if we are going to tone it down yet or not so keep reading because we need your help! See what I did with the blog title ...penny- copper...get it? I crack myself up. 
My own wall was still waiting. Actually, my whole house is waiting for attention. We have a concrete and barn wood table from Reclaim Renew and we got that amazing gothic 1920's chandelier from Carlson Galeries. We are slowly mixing some blues and yellows into the home which severely clash with our tan we have been working for months to change the house over to grays, blues, and yellows instead of just gray and tan with no color. I need color! Slowly, are house is getting rid of the tans. This wall, we have known for quite some time would go dark gray once we had the light installed. 
The wall went gray and the copper leafing went on! Which of course has led to the immediate need that the remainder of our walls get painted a lighter gray color. ugh. 
My cute hubby did the trim work :) We chose Queenstown Gray from General Finishes for the background color. 
And copper leafing is not a clean task but I love it.
TIP: I paint with General Finishes acrylic Milk Paint when I do this because when I apply the leafing I vigoursly brush it in with a scrub brush. The scrub brush leaves scratch marks with other paint brands but not with General Finishes!
In general, the steps are:
1) Paint
2) Stencil the wall with adhesive
3) Apply copper/silver/gold
If you are nervous you should get the video from The Magic Brush (and no, i don't get kickbacks for saying that!) 
Another tip: Paint and copper leaf your vent. You don't want a bright white vent!
I LOVE IT! I was worried about the copper being too much so i didn't apply it very solid, intentionally. I may still tone it down a bit with some glaze but havent decided yet. What are your thoughts on that? I will keep you posted as our house under goes many changes! 
We have also had this old doorway arch for 2 years which we finally put up and love! 
P.S.  I am so proud of that vent! I really did not want a white blob in the middle of the wall!
Oct 09, 2015

That’s a LOT of sheets there (and obviously work) but how STUNNING!

Apr 07, 2015

I love it! Based on the photos, I don’t think it needs to be toned down at all. Awesome job!

Apr 07, 2015

Looks amazing – love the chandelier, too!

Apr 06, 2015

i don’t think it needs to be toned down, but I have nothing for comparison. It is beautiful!

Apr 06, 2015


Jennifer Allwood
Apr 04, 2015

Thank you Marilyn. I love black doors but they would not go in my home unfortanately. If they did, I would be on it!

Nicole @ Rescued Furnishings
Apr 04, 2015

Absolutely Gorgeous! I wonder what the door would look like painted black? Just a thought.

Marilyn Toedebusch

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