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Cheap Shade

Who couldn't use some extra cheap shade every now and then!?
We madeover our backyard last year and you can see more of that here and here.
What I wanted to show you was our super cheap shade solution!
When my husband built the pergola, he didn't take into account the way the direction of the sun so the wider boards are going width wise instead of lengthwise which would have produced more shade. After the expensive renovation I didn't have a lot of money to spend on shade. 

I went to Menards to pick up some rags and saw these drop cloths!
These particular ones have a plastic membrame like backside. So I bought a few of these and trucked them home. 
Next, I conviced my hubby to climb on top of the pergola in 110 degrees and put these bad boys up with the plastic up. The pergola is 16' long so he started at the first beam. He added to strips of them. And it worked perfect!
They have been up through a full summer and winter and are still good to go!
The best part is that these were really inexpensive and already hemmed. So, when the weather finally does get to them we will just rip them up and put new ones down! 
Here is a peek of the whole transformation!
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Feb 27, 2021

Drives me nuts when I want to “visit” something on Pinterest and I can only do so by submitting my email. I absolutely hate this, it’s rediculos and unnerving. C’est vraiment pas pour les personnel qui vu des informations, aussi mon temps est pour moi pas pour toi et votre etablissement!!!!!

Nov 21, 2015

love upcycle old stuff to make new and fun stuff with it

janet kelley
May 27, 2015

That was an option we considered but preferred to keep the staples on the top side and it just wasnt working the way I envisioned :)

Nicole @ Rescued Furnishings
May 27, 2015

OH, Splat! Inspiration…use the strips on the underside of pergola, attaching each end and then to every 3? 4? beam, so it ‘swags’ (is that a word?) down.


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