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Rescued Furnishings

Coffee Table Makeover

Once upon a time several years ago, we went to this dark and dreary barn that had no lighting and spotted a super cool coffee table with our phone screen lights. This was before everyone had a flash light with their cell phone. The man wanted $200 for it which we could NOT afford. A whole year went by, and we were still talking about this coffee table. So we stopped in again and told ourselves if it was still there that it was meant to be. IT WAS. 
It was so cool. We didn't love the bulky plywood base but knew we would one day switch it out. 
Nevertheless, we just left it alone for several years. We were also wondering what it was. If you look close you can see two holes with a bar across them. We had no idea what it was. Finally, one day we spotted one in the background on HGTV and we became convinced it had to be SOMETHING. I started googling away and found out these 2.5" super thick awesome slabs are actually the old cargo doors from ships. People make tables out of them for upwards of $1500!!!! Guess $200 doesn't sound so bad anymore!
Recently, we decided to finally do something about the legs. Originally, we wanted to weld a modern metal base but we started seeing some steel pipe bases that looked really cool. My husband, Brandt, wanted to make sure it would be different than every one you see. He came up with an idea to put the legs at an angle and add a barn wood shelf!
Isn't that awesome?!? So much more industrial and goes with the metal bands that are on the ends of the table! 
I have so so so many more pictures to show you and a tutorial coming so you can make your very own! 


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