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Moving Is So Hard!

Some of you may know we have started house hunting!
Well, we found a house and as it turns out...being a small business owner and self employed is not looked kindly upon by the banks despite us both having an 800 credit score. Sigh. So financing has had to be a little creative...even with 20% down. It actually has been super frustrating because I feel like life is made harder for the small business owner at every turn. BUT I am not complaining, I am grateful to be self employed. 
ANYWAY- I feel like buying a house is a little like getting a puppy. You forget how awful and how much work it is! Like, a lot of work. We haven't heard back on our offer but we have started the process of getting our home ready to put in the market. We are in the decluttering and depersonalizing phase. Can I just say...this phase is sooooooo awful. 
Basically, we have started packing, without knowing if we are even moving. It is just enough packing to remind you of the hell that is ahead of you and make you question if you really want to do this. 
Do we REALLY want to do this? I don't know if we are sure yet! So many things have to happen first. This will be our FOURTH place together in 8 years. How many times have you moved?
Anyway, I thought some of you may be able to use some helpful tips for the beginnning of your house hunting. 
1. Have a preapproval letter from a mortgage lender ready to go!
2. Have a wish list. 
3. When you find the house you like, spend time in the neighborhood at different times BEFORE putting an offer in. 
4. Be patient.
5. Get your own home ready to sell. This means depersonalize and declutter. MOST people can not see past anything and even though we all think we have the most awesome taste ever, no one else does. lol. Put your pictures away. Put your pet stuff away. Put everything away. We have started PACKING. 
6. Get your home professionally cleaned
7. Get your pictures ready of your home so you can go to market!
This is all while not having a confirmed offer and before your house goes to market. In our case, we are moving fast so everything is being done at once. Any other advice? 

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