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How to stain anything!

I wanted to share with you the awesome steps of my latest KSDK appearance. If you would like to watch the video, here is the link!
On the show, I wanted you to see that you can stain almost anything...including plastic! Yes, Plastic!
First, lets go back in time....
You may or may not remember that time I stained directly over gray painted bead board with Java gel stain!
I didn't do any prep work! Because it already had a wood grain, I just slopped it on and smoothed it out with cheesecloth. Voila!
I started to do the same thing on this plastic pot...I got this for $10 on sale at Target but wanted to make it look like it cost a lot more!
The problem was when I wiped the stain off to blend it in that it was way to WHITE looking. So I grabbed my persimmon paint and painted it orange first.
I painted it on with an old brush and wiped it off. It was dry in just a few minutes. General Finishes paint is acrylic so it adheres to just about anything. The only thing was, I had to use the gel stain for adhesion and because it is oil based it would wipe the paint off if hadn't dried long enough. So I waited for about an hour.
Once dry, I grabbed the gel stain and SLOPPED it on with an old chip brush. I waited about a minute and then wiped it all back lightly. The orange helps it give it more variation and like a wood look underneath the stain. This trick works for nearly anything that is not wood but you want it too look like wood!
I wanted it to be just a tad darker so I did another coat in an hour and LOVED how rich it turned out!
Plastic pot no more! You can use this same technique on doors too! If you wanted to keep this outside, I would seal with Modern Masters! If you had just left the paint, the paint is an indoor/outdoor paint! Modern Masters would just add to the durability!
I hope you share your non wood stain projects with me so we can show the world!



Mar 21, 2016

Thanks for the tip of painting the item before staining. Your piece looks fabulous.

Kee Kee

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