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You Need This Mattress! Rescued Backs!

As a lot of you know, we just moved, which means we have a bigger master bedroom and can fit a king sized bed for the first time ever! YAY! However, this means buying a new mattress and we had a good one already!
I have ankylosing spondylitis. Which means, I have a super bad back. Years ago, sleeping was a nightmare because it HURT. Being in bed, HURT. Getting out of bed, HURT. 
We finally sucked it up and spent $3000 on a Tempurpedic and it was life changing. LIFE CHANGING. 

I saw YogaBed at Haven Conference. I truly did not understand. It was so cheap! I started looking into it and it seemed like it might be BETTER than the tempurpedic. 
Besides tempurpedic changing my life ( i do not say that lightly) it was also firm enough for me and soft enough for Brandt so I have lots of requirements. So this is what I found when I started researching Yogabed. 
  • It has gel AND foam layers
  • It is just as thick as tempurpedic
  • Its ventilated unlike other foam mattresses
  • It ships DIRECT which means there is no mark up! 
  • They have a 101 day no risk trial
I was sold. But skeptical. They told me I could try it so I did. 
I was given a discount in return for my review of this product but I swear these opinions are all mine! You can read my disclosure policy here. 
The mattress came in the smallest box ever. Okay, not really at all. But for a king size mattress, it was the smallest box ever. I was convinced it was going to explode so I periscoped the opening live. To see exactly what happens you can watch it explode here.  Warning: I laugh a lot in this video.
The plan was to build a bed and unveil it with my review. But alas, its been almost 2 months and we are still sleeping on the floor. Our kitchen is priority and its not done yet. So we are living like college kids. Brandt wanted me to make the bed and I said...that won't hide the fact that this is how we are living so I am being completely transparent. Not a pretty blogger picture by any means but until we build our bed, its real life!
You all can appreciate that I hope :)
Anyway, I had a few days of adjusting because the pain I endure is close to unbearable. It wasn't bad at all, just different. After that, it was very clear this was a suitable replacement. There is virtually no difference than the pricier alternative and it does sleep cooler than our old mattress. So I can honestly say this mattress has also saved my life but for PENNIES on the dollar! I am really not saying this lightly either. I don't know where I would be without having switched to a foam mattress. 
Tempurpedic prices start at $2300-$3500 for a queen, and you HAVE to buy the box springs or it voids the warranty. Yogabed is $849 shipped to your door....although they have a $60 off promotion right now + Free Pillows. So it is a much much better deal! I am telling you this mattress is great. I know some people want to feel these things out before you buying but I have never gotten a true picture of a mattress by laying on a sample for 30 seconds. Yogabed will pick up the mattress at NO CHARGE to you if you decide you want to return it. 
So, if you struggle with firmness and softness and back pain or really just want a good mattress, Yogabed is the way to go. I love it! Brandt loves it. It's a win. 
If you get it or if you have one let me know if it changes your life too! Sleep is such a challenge for me so I hope this helps someone!
Jan 14, 2016

Let me know how you like it!

Jan 10, 2016

My bro in law also has Ankylosing Spondylitis—I’m going to pass this on to him and my sis. Plus, my husbamd and I need something different to sleep on; he loves a very firm bed, and I could use a little more plush. We have a top o’ the line (firm) Beautyrest and I flop around like a fish all night because either my hips start hurting, or my hands start to go numb! They sleep better than I do…ugh! We have been hearing about the Casper mattress, so after a little research and reading reviews online, I started seeing the Leesa bed mentioned, and yes, the YogaBed, too. I am now fully considering the YB and have forgotten all about that Casper mattress. Thanks for the great review!!! God bless you, and I hope this bed continues to help your back more than your Tempurpedic did.

Susan Clack

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