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What To Get Your Hubby For Christmas

What to get your husband for Christmas
Are you stumped on what to get your husband or significant other for Christmas? Fear no more! My hubby happens to want EVERYTHING. He is kind of known for his ridiculous Christmas lists but they are actually helpful...kind of. Normally, I can't afford anything on them.  So I figured I would share this year's list and maybe it could help you! Luckily, his interests are fairly well rounded too!
So without further ado...
Brandt's 2015 Christmas List! P.S. None of these are affiliate links....Just what he wants and ideas for you :) 
  1. Legos! Yep. Grown Up Legos. And he plays with them all day Christmas Day. They have to be the cool ones though. Husbands Christmas List Legos!
  2. He is also a coffee lover and wants an espresso machine. He wants the Nespresso which comes with a milk frother so I can make hot chocolate. Win. He loves coffee like I love Diet Coke. lol 
  3. A small ipod for the gym
  4. Beats Headphones for the gym
  5. Banana Republic Gift Cards - Because he likes his clothes. 
  6. REI gift card- magical outdoor place
  7. Crazy work gloves for the winter. 
  8. A pair of antique snifter glasses for his stout beers. "antique is preferred but could totally love a modern crystal set"....If you're man is a beer snob he would like this. I don't know what an antique snifter is or where to find one so....good luck. lol
  9. Nice coffee Mugs like these. 
  10. Limited Release beers- if you are confused see the beer snob comment in #8. I have literally had to stand in line to buy special beer. Ridiculous. 
  11. Vacation. Yes, He actually asked for a vacation. He thinks I am a sugar momma or something. 
  12. Fun Socks
  13. Good Pocket Knife
  14. High Ball Glasses - antique preferred (insert eye roll here)
  15. A remote controlled helicopter
  16. Cast iron dutch oven w/ lid remover
  17. Antique Guns
  18. Saw Horses
  19. Vintage Cufflinks
  20. And lastly, Go into Best Buy and buy the nearest stupid gimmick. That wins every time. This was actually his idea too. lol. 



Dec 21, 2015

You are not alone. I, too, have waited in line for TWO FREAKING HOURS for special beer to take home to him while I was on a trip to Chicago. #BeerSnobs Psh.

Dec 18, 2015

Its weird right? lol.

@Kathy! i am sure he will love it!

nicole @ Rescued Furnishings
Dec 17, 2015

I bought my husband a drone this year. Does that count for a remote controlled helicopter? He better like it!

Dec 16, 2015

Why do they all want remote control helicopters?


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