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  • Bread Warming Set

    Bread Warming Set

    Do you love fresh, warm, soft bread? (Is your mouth watering right now thinking about it?) This bread warming set is perfect for keeping fresh bread warm on the table. Simply pop the bread in the oven on the removable terra-cotta tray, remove and place in bread basket, and have warm bread on your table for every important meal in your life. 

    $ 35.99

  • Pasta Monster Bowl

    $ 9.99

  • Secret Sauce

    Secret Sauce

     What's in the secret sauce? We're not sure, but that's up to you! This 4" ceramic sauce pot is the perfect serving vessel for any dip, sauce, or gravy your heart desires.  

    $ 33.99

  • Charcuterie Platter Set

    Charcuterie Platter Set

    Board measures 8 1/2" x 14"Board is made of dolomiteWe recommend hand washing this board

    $ 41.99

  • Margarita Light-Up Sitter

    Margarita Light-Up Sitter

    The Light Up Margarita Sitter is a ceramic sitter that brings a lively and colorful element to any room. Its LED light-up interior produces a captivating glow that immediately grabs attention. With batteries included, this sitter is ready to use as soon as it's unpacked. Crafted from durable dolomite, it not only withstands wear and tear but also enhances the sophistication of any decor. Whether you're throwing a party or seeking to create a cozy atmosphere at home, the Light Up Margarita Sitter is an ideal option.Dimensions 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"

    $ 13.99


    $ 43.99

  • 16oz TA Gold Mug-Stress Me Out

    16oz TA Gold Mug-Stress Me Out

    Sip your favorite hot or cold beverage out of these new gold handle mugs! They are sporting a sleek new font, with a surprise at the bottom of every mug. A relatable gift for someone in your life or even a telling truth for yourself! Gold handle

    $ 5.99



    Dimensions: 13.5" diameter

    $ 43.99

  • I'm Gonna Fuck this Food Up - Bamboo Cutting Board

    I'm Gonna Fuck this Food Up - Bamboo Cutting Board

    I'm Gonna Fuck this Food Up - Bamboo Cutting Board The board says it all... put that food out and watch your guests fuck that shit up. Laser Engraved Design. High-Quality Bamboo Cutting Board measures 13.75 x 9.75 inches.

    $ 33.99

  • Outdoor S'More Tray Set

    Outdoor S'More Tray Set

    We think the s'more the merrier when it comes to this Outdoor S'more Tray Set. The two piece set comes with a fluted melamine three-section s'more server. The server features sections for marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. The dish comes with silver tongs.Dimensions server 2" x 12 1/2" dia | tongs 5 3/4"Material Melamine

    $ 47.99

  • Margarita Paddle Board Set

    Margarita Paddle Board Set

    Glass Bar Cutting Board Set is an essential and elegant addition to your kitchen Includes a glass margarita recipe paddle board and a silverplate spreader Durable glass construction adds sophistication to your countertop Must-have for hosting gatherings or cooking meals

    $ 27.99

Great Gifts

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