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Our Team: Our team are full time RF employees. These are not sub contractors that we don't know. Our team consists of full time employees that we have trained.

Services: At RF Home Co, we specialize in Cabinet Painting, Refacing, Custom Cabinetry, Trim Work (wainscoting, crown molding), and Staircases. This means you are not limited to a specific solution. We can paint some of your cabinets, reface just the uppers, and build some new. We can do modifications...basically the world is your oyster. While we do several full custom kitchens a year, often times we can do a mix and match of services to acheive your goals.

Custom Work: Did you know if you have us build any new cabinetry for your kitchen, built-ins, mudroom, etc that the cabinetry is 100% custom? Most companies that offer "custom cabinets" are ordering off the shelf custom cabients. Generally, it just means higher end mass produced cabinetry. We are actually building our cabinetry in our workshop right here in St. Louis. This means if you want high end custom builds, you can have it, without the middle man mark up.

Finishing Work: All cabinets get chemically cleaned, cleaned again, and sanded with a Hepa filtration vaccum. All cabinetry gets primed with stain blocking primer. We use a professional 2 part paint product with a catalyst hardener and your doors & drawer fronts are dried under infrared lighting. This makes each layer that much harder. All doors/drawers are sprayed in our warehouse and the work in your home is done by hand. Our team is extensively trained to make hand application look sprayed and our showroom cabinets are done the same way. This means each night when we leave your home, you will have access to your space and can function as much as you need to. The best compliement we have ever received was from a paint supplier because when we finished his Mother-In-Law's home he asked, "How did you make these look so good"....coming from another industry professional, that is about as high of a compliment as you can get!

Carpentry:  Our cabinets are made of 3/4" American made maple ply. Even the backs - which allows for the best structure there is. Some companies will tell you that you only need 1/4" back....we have also fixed countless cabinets that have fallen apart that are built that way. Unless there is a special circumstance, we do not use any MDF or particle board in our construction. The doors/drawers when new are 3/4" solid brown maple (unless utelizing another species at a clients request). We take great pride in our construction and trim work and know you will receive an elevated product with us.

  1. After you receive your initial bid, if interested in discussing further, we will set up a virtual appointment.
  2. From there, we will finalize your bid.
  3. When you are ready to move forward, we will send you a link to a contract and deposit. Deposits are 50% of the project total.
  4. Once we receive those we will set up your design appointment in store and if applicable, an in home measurement appointment. You will also receive a welcome email with pertinent information
  5. At your design appointment you will receive a client folder full of information on our processes, construction, referrals, and we will go over everything in detail. You will also receive information on what emails to expect and when throughout the process.
  6. When applicable drawings are provided for approval and we detail out up to what point you can make changes to your project to avoid any change fees.
  7. At completion of the project you will receive access to our client portal for videos on care & maintenace

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