Cabinet Service Plan

We are now offering a Cabinet Paint Protection Plan for your painted kitchen cabinets by Rescued Furnishings in St. Louis, MO. It is an optional add on to all kitchen cabinet jobs. This is a plan to give clients piece of mind on their investment. Protection plan must be selected within 7 days of job completion.
Q: Wait, I thought you said this was durable, Do I really need this?
A: It is and no you don't! How's that for honesty? BUT, if you are worried that you may need to get used to having painted cabinets the first year might not be a bad idea to make sure you are okay moving forward. You can always cancel at any time. If you are getting raw doors, I can tell you that we have never ever had a raw door wear on a client.
Q: What does the protection plan include?
A: The protection plan covers all minor wear and tear to your paint finish. Defining minor wear and tear is difficult to do but essentially, if we can fix it in your home it is included. Once signed up for the protection plan, Rescued Furnishings will reach out once a year when we are in your service area to schedule an appointment. If you don't need the appointment you can decline it and we will try again the next time we are in your service area or you can use that as your reminder to cancel if you decide you do not want to be billed in the future. We will come out to your home and do any touch ups on the spot that are necessary.
If you need a door or drawer fixed sooner than we are able to come out, as a Protection Plan member, you are welcome to bring it to us and pick up when ready for a fee of $59 each.
Q: Are all kitchens eligible?
Yes, any kitchen within 30 miles is eligible.
Q: What if my cabinet was damaged and the repair will be more extensive?
A: If it is determined that a paint finish can not be repaired on site, we will bring the door or drawer to the shop for a discounted rate of $79 per door or drawer.
Q: What does the Protection Plan cost me?
A: The below are annual fees that are a subscription service that are paid in advance each year. This covers your 1 appointment in home per year for basic touch ups and more extensive touch ups are $79 each.
If we are painting your existing doors the plan is $129 per year.
If we are painting new, raw, doors the plan is $99 per year.
Q: I rolled the dice and didn't get the plan and now I have touch ups that I am too nervous to do! What now?
A: We can come out for $249 and do all your basic touch ups. Touch ups that require us to bring the door back to the shop will be an additional $79 each. If you have just a couple doors or drawers and want to bring them to our shop please reach out to to schedule a time. We are able to do these for $89 per door or drawer. **Additional Charges may apply for custom colors**
Email us at
Q: Where do I sign up?
A: Email within 7 days of your project completion. The Project Management team will also include info in several emails.