RF Door Program- Package A

You bring the doors to us and we do the rest!

Follow the instructions and videos below!

Any questions can be sent to quotes@rfhomeco.com

Take Down, Prep, Prime & Paint Instructions

Cabinet Take Down Instructions!

Be sure to watch the accompanying video so all steps are followed precisely for take down. If the doors are not labeled correctly, they will unfortunately be turned away.
Step 1) Draw a Map
Step 2) Label the cabinets (see additional video below about labeling, be sure to watch it all the way through, especially if you have pull outs!)
Step 3) Organize hinges and handles
Step 4) Remove doors - also info on how to remove fake drawer panels provided.
Side panels are painted in place as part of the frame.



**Hover on the video and click the 4 arrows to expand video**

Frame Prep

Step 1) Clean frames with TSP and scotch brite pad
Step 2) Clean frames with plain water
Step 3) Lightly Sand
Step 4) Wipe dust off


When you drop off your doors, you will receive the following supplies:
Scotch Brite Pad
Roller Handle
3 Foam Rollers
Wooster Short Cut Brush
Paint Tray
Golden Taklon Brush Set

Priming Tips

1) In general we do not use painters tape due to damage it can cause to wood flooring and grout but we do recommend you covering your floors with plastic and keeping a wet rag handy as you go!
2) Apply primer with brushes (see video). Do not dip roller. Keep the rolloer out of the tray so it doesn't get oversaturated.
3) THIN COATS. Your surface should be *Just* wet enough to be able to spread product around. If you can spread it around and still have product not soaking in or laying nicely that means you have too much. If you are splotchy and dont have enough to spread well then you don't have enough.
3) WORK FAST. The product dries quickly...you do not want to over work the product. Overworking will lead to a finish that will not lay flat.
4) On big sides, we recommend lightly dipping the brush in water (see video), applying the product and then spreading it out quickly with the roller and then smoothing it out. Do not overwork with roller, once you quickly spread the product out, start in one corner and roll in one direction, lift the roller and gently overlap. Your roller should ROLL, do not drag it. Play with the angle and pressure if you are not getting a nice roll.
5) Use Golden Taklon brush to apply primer on all thin sections of framing. You can use the foam roller to help if necessary but watch edges for drips if using the roller. Be sure to not use too much primer. The key is very thin coats! Your goal is not full coverage.
6) Generally you need 2 coats.
7) Have a wet rag handy as you go!

Apply Paint

Apply paint in the same method as primer! Watch the video for a few tips and tricks! The paint is also a protective top coat so there is no "clear" coat that goes over top of this.



Pick Up Instructions

Bring blankets and towels in order to wrap your doors for transport. Sheets will not be thick enough. When you arrive home, unpack your car and unwrap your doors. Your doors will still be curing and should be leaned against a wall if not not being installed immediately.
Prior to install you will need to remove hooks. We recommend doing this as you go, door by door, so you can follow your map.


Wipe up spills immediately. If you have a chip or water damage be sure to touch up when you see the damage. If a chip is allowed to stay, damage will get worst. Cabinets should be cleaned with warm water and a soft sponge. NO multi purpose or natural cleaners or harsh chemicals should be used.