2020 has been a rough year for most people and small businesses are no different. As a small business owner and an avid small business cheerleader, I have always been a big believer in building people up. More successful businesses (even similar ones to mine) is a GOOD THING. People ask me all the time if I am worried about being copied. Listen, it happens And the answer is No. I learned a long time ago to uniquely pay attention to my business, my team, and my customers. That will guide the decisions I make and I will never catch up by copying others. More than ever, in the year 2020, the ability to focus on what our customers and our business needed has helped us thrive. So, I want to continue to give back in a way I never have. 

I am taking on 3 Business Mentoring Clients. But this will be much more than mentoring. I am filtering through applications and interviewing and hunting. I am looking for 3 specific people and those people could be YOU. A lot of small businesses have closed, a lot of people are out of jobs and I want to help. You do not have to currently be a business owner to partake. 

$15,000 Value!

What we are offering:

We are looking for 3 people that want to take on and adopt business plans. Essentially we are going to help you build and grow a business from the ground up and even have the ideas and planning started that we will help mold with the winners to fit their unique qualifications. 

What we are looking for: 

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