Stocking Stuffer Grab Bags

Stocking Stuffer Grab Bags


Let's up your stocking game this year! All items will be able to fit into a healthy sized stocking of your choice! And we will get creative! 
All price tags are removed. All Grab bag sales are final. 

The best part is that we are personal shopping value for you and you get 20% off!

Grab Bag Instructions!

1. Add your selected grab bag to your cart! Yes, you can order more than one, but if sending to multiple addresses be sure to purchase them separately otherwise you can put multiple on the same order.
2. Go to your cart (DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO CHECK OUT), and while in your cart fill out the special instructions area before proceeding to check out. Be sure to tell us as much info about the recipient as possible!

Type of info that is useful: the reason you are gifting, age, gender, favorite sports/teams, things they like to do, are they religious, do they swear a lot, do they have kids/dogs, their name, clothing size, favorite tv show, favorite animal, coffee lover, favorite alcoholic beverage, are they a gamer, do they like candles, bath/body products, CBD, makeup, jewelry, etc.