Wellness Event Session #2 October 18th 2pm-4pm

Wellness Event Session #2 October 18th 2pm-4pm


As many of you know, I have gone through a major and much needed life style makeover. I have worked 6-7 days a week for years and after Covid hit and 8 weeks of 100+ hours a week I finally hit a wall. Exhaustion doesn't even begin to describe it. 

I also have an auto immune disease and have always shared everything from shoes that help my back to supplements for sleep. So when I had this whole life style makeover, I started talking about these kinds of things A LOT more. 

With SO many of you wanting alllll the details I have not only started a wellness group on facebook but Emily Lucarz and I decided to team up and are going to host our first ever wellness event. WE ARE SO EXCITED. And so many things you have been seeing me talk about will be there!

Tickets are free and required but capacity is limited due to covid!!!  Event will be held at RF HOME CO. 11022 Manchester road. 

1) Gummie and sleep supplements from Green Roads (including samples!)

2) Fit Flavors- Healthy meals that are delivered to your door (Brandt and I have used this for quite some time)

3)St Louis Juice Press- A local juice press company for the juice cleanses I have been raving about

4) Monat- All the hair and skin care products I have been using, including SAMPLES

What else? We will have a dry styling bar where you will be able to use the Dry Shampoo, Texturizing Spray, Hair Spray, and the New Glossy shine Mist. 

And then, maybe the best part of the whole darn thing, is that Emily Lucarz will be taking candid shots during the whole event!