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Gifts for Pickleball Players

Gifts for Pickleball Players

, by Danielle Fischer, 2 min reading time

The Pickleball craze is sweeping the world. It feels like every former tennis court you pass these days is packed with the distinctive popping sound of a pickleball match rising in the air. It's a sport with low barriers to entry, ease of play, and someone always willing to hit the courts with you. 

We'll admit - it hasn't quite caught on yet at the RF offices. But for those of you that have been swept up in the craze (or who love someone that has), this list features just about everything you need, and some things you didn't know you needed.

1. Pickleball Kit

This kit has 9 essentials that will keep you dinking all day long, in a small and portable bag! Toss this in your backpack, pickleball bag, or car to always be prepared for hitting the courts.

2. "Pickleball Pro" and "Body by Pickleball" Gym Socks

Proclaim your love for the game off the courts with these fashionable and comfortable socks.

3. Let it Bounce Keychain

We all could use a reminder sometimes. 

5. "Dink Positive" and "Retirement Plan" Pickleball Paddle

Up your game with these personality-packed pickleball paddles! The fun sentiments and bright colors make them the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast in your life, or just someone who likes to keep up with the latest trend. They're constructed with durable wood and have a soft handle for easy grips.

6. Dink Responsibly Tea Towel

Ultra-soft kitchen towel that is perfect for the casual player.

7. Tis the Season Ornament

Need a gift for a pickleball lover for Christmas? Look no further than this pickleball ornament, shaped like a ball with the phrase "'tis the season". Every season is the season for pickleball, but especially this Christmas.


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