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Christmas Tree Farm (RF Home Co's Version)

Christmas Tree Farm (RF Home Co's Version)

, by Content Czar, 2 min reading time

Spotify Wrapped Day should be a national holiday. Maybe it's just that I'm extremely nosey, but I love swiping through people's stories and deciding how their year went off their top artists. Like girl, you're telling me you listened to Noah Kahan's "Stick Season" for 20,000 hours? Seek help. 

A trend this year? Taylor Swift. Obviously. As we manifest the release of Christmas Tree Farm (Taylor's Version), we've rounded up some themed products from our store for the fans that just keep missing her merch drops. 

1. Christmas Tree Truck Tidbit Plate

Christmas tree farm red truck carrying tree

The perfect small tidbit plate, this little truck will hold anything you give it (but maybe not an entire Christmas tree). Buy it here.

2. A tree skirt that keeps your memories!

Memory tree customizable tree skirt

Children (or anyone, we don't judge) will love this tree skirt that you can write on. Look back on it year after year to see what your littles wanted the year before! And if one of them turns into a global pop sensation and Spotify's artist of the year, you can sell it for a lot of money. Buy this tree skirt here.

3. A classic red farm truck

'Nuf said. Perfect decor that can hold anything. Fruit on the kitchen counter? You betcha. A bunch of ornaments? Sure! Little tiny Christmas trees? Please. Buy this truck here.

4. Green Snowflake Tree

Green laser cut Christmas tree with white snowflakes

If you're a fan of a bit more abstract Christmas decorations, this is perfect. It's not quite a Christmas tree, but people will get the vibe. View this tree here.

5. Christmas Tree Melamine Plate (with tongs!)

Green tree melamine plate

Perfect for cookies, treats, and anything else your heart desires, this Christmas tree platter is made of melamine for a more durable (read: drop-proof) design! Buy this platter here.

6. Sage Corduroy Tree

This tree is soft and plush and corduroy and SAGE! So many of my favorite things, here.

7. "Oh Christmas Tree" Everything Dish

This dish is great for serving those little things, or even just setting out! Buy this dish here.

8. Christmas Tree Farm Bundle (40% off!)

If you liked those last things, boy do I have good news for you. If you buy all three at here, you get a 40% discount. That's basically getting more than one of these items for free.

Hurry, before the Taylor Swift website bots find this site too!



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